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Dec 7Th 2010, Dear Bob, We chose Silver Oaks from a list of 9 places to stay in Coorg including the 5-star deluxe Home stays like Orange County, Mahindra, Amanvana etc.. Our choice was based on the testimonials on your website written by the various lucky persons who had stayed in your property and the photographs of the peace and tranquility surrounding Silveroaks.

The moment I received an SMS from you on 21st Nov 2010 regarding our taxi requirement from Gonikoppal to Silver Oaks, we had an intution that our choice was the best, simply because we were really surprised that you remembered. As we had made reservations in the Volvo bus service, we had completely forgotten about this taxi requirement. Needless to say our stay at Silver Oaks has been the hallmark of our wedding and the perfect setting for our honeymoon. It was so nice of you to have taken some time off on the evening of our arrival, even though your entire family was waiting for the Puttari celebrations, and welcome us to your homestay. The celebration of Puttari with your family was enjoyed by us as much as the time spent in understanding your culture, values and traditions.

Each and every staff at Silver Oaks were courteous and polite with an ever smiling demeanour. These traits that are sometimes found lacking even in the best of super-deluxe Home stays clearly outlined love, affection and warmth that we experienced during our stay. The simple home-cooked food brought back fond memories of our own homes to both of us. Our driver Manju (M.N.Nehru) is an exceptionally talented person and we both are sure that given an opportunity he can win the Raid De Himalaya car rally. Sheer perfectionin driving and absolute control on the vehicle added with the ability to keep a track of time and ensure that we experience the best of all sights at our own pace and timing, was really amazing. In fact the interesting pieces of information shared by him as well as his knowledge of the countryside and market places was deeply appreciated by us. We never felt hard-pressed for time, which is a common experience with many a grumbling driver that I have come across in my years of experience across India. Manju clearly comes across as the best.

I have stayed at many hotels & Home stays and one of the common but bitter experiences is not being served proper breakfast on the day of check-out particularly for early morning departures. However at Silver Oaks it was an altogether delightful experience. On 24th evening we had enquired with the staff about the possibility of getting some breakfast the next day at 5 am (our scheduled departure time) and we were told that some bread/butter/jam with tea/coffee would be made available. On 25th morning, as we were getting ready, I thought of checking out about the breakfast with the staff at 4:45 am, all the while thinking that they would be asleep and we would have to manage some quick bite at the bus-stand. We were utterly amazed when there was a knock on our door at 4:50 am and the smiling watchman was standing there carrying a tray with our breakfast and piping hot coffee. Wow! Five minutes later there is another knock and we are informed about our waiting taxi. Wow!

I spent the first four years of my career with SITA World Travel handling Inbound Tourists from all parts of the world, and have seen the length and breadth of our country and have experienced a stay at almost all categories of hotels. Believe me, our experience at Silver Oaks has been the most wonderous till date and the cherished memories shall remin embedded in our hearts for the remainder of our lives.

You are an exceptional person having an exceptional team of happy people whose sole motto is to make everyone happy. You epitomise the very meaning of "HOMESTAY" . Thank you Bob for having made us a part of your lovely family. Looking forward to spending many more Moons at your lovely homestay.May God shower abundant blessings on you and your entire family.

With lots of love and warm regards,> Ravi & Suman

I really enjoyed your Home stay, the birds in the mornings. The view from the back of my cottage is very beautiful.The delicious , hot food and the very interesting folks! I had a wonderful un forgettable time. Thank you very much

Gabriela Soto -Costa Rica

Thank you very much for your warm welcome to coorg. The place is wonderful and the also the people.The food was very delicious.I had very good time and hope I’ll come back some day with my family.

Isabell -France

We enjoyed our stay at Silveroaks . You have a comfortable and cozy spot. Please thank your staff for their good care and making us feel welcome . We enjoyed the food and the hike up the mountain as well as getting to see the sights .The Dubare elephant camp was great experience. The swimming pool was really well maintained .I will pass on the good note.

Andy Simkin -US consulate, Chennai

This was a wonderful trip. You are very gracious host. The set up is wonderful and food was excellent. It was not only tasty but you served it with love .I will recommend it to all my friends. Hope your dreams come true and the business flourishes in the coming days.

Sameer Podhye -VP Cisco, Bangalore

As we write this, I remember my words, Silveroaks will be just another Home stay that I said to my wife when she proposed that we stay in Silveroaks during our stay in Coorg.I can proudly say that I was wrong! Silveroaks is the best place to stay in Coorg. I got a flavor of this when I first spoke to Bob. His warmth & helpful nature was evident over our telephonic conversation , but I could experience the same when I met him in Madikeri. He is truly a genuine person who believes and follows “ Athithi devo bhava” Rinku, I believe shares Bob’s vision & dreams and together not only they are great couple but very good people at heart and in action. Together with the team of Silveroaks Bob and Rinku made our stay memorable and full of comfort.We are happy that we are leaving Coorg not just with fond memories of Silveroaks but with two great friends who go an extra mile in proving “ a friend in need is a friend in deed”. We will surely come back With love

Anand and Nivedita -Mumbai

Thank you for the splendid time we were able to spend in the Coorg .We learned about your culture, your tradition, food, and experienced your warm hospitality. The surroundings area had some great places to visit. Coffee and tea plantations , water falls( very cold shower), The Tibet monastery and the wild life safari.The real highlight at the safari was seeing a tiger. For Canadians to see a tiger in the wild is pretty great. Better luck than we expected. Your cottages are charming, the meals were delicious, the whole setting is very peaceful and homely. Our children loved your Pool.

Brent and Vicki - Canada

When we came to Silveroaks, to be honest we didn’t had any expectations as such from it as it was first get together as a married couple. But experience we had was quite extraordinary. Right from Sudesh waiting late in the night at the highway alone to receive us and the concerning thoughtful phone calls that he made to ensure our safe arrival at the Oaks just moved us from inside. It was quite late in the night when we arrived and quite tired but looking at the kingfisher nest, where we stayed, both of us go at soothing feeling which is inexpressible. The surroundings of the Oaks and even its own premises gives a dreamy feeling about a virtual world where humans get connected to the nature. In addition to the Sudesh's helping nature, minute details about Coorg, nearby areas and the Oak, the one more thing that we can come back here is for Rinku’s food, tastes like little piece of heaven. Both of them combined together gives you a feeling which is much more beautiful that the setup of the Oaks. Last night we also met Sania and she is fresh whiff of air which fills the entire arrangement with energy. We wish the family a lot of happiness ahead and togetherness.Just before I close my detailed description, want to come back to my first point where I mentioned that I didn’t had any great expectation about SilverOaks, Some time we feel that few materialistic things and a few un-required thoughtful moments with strangers cannot do much to enrich the experience of life. But Coming to Silver Oaks and meeting this wonderful family has made me change my mind set. We don’t wish but promise to come to Silver Oaks for much more memorable, unforgettable moments.

Best wishes, Best of luck, Regards, Loads of Love, Mr & Mrs. Gangadhar, Srivdiya, Rajasthan

Beauty, Serenity, Ambience, peace, love, hospitality, comfort, joy, happiness, heavenly, beautiful, nn what not.... We are beyond words to describe the wonderful stay @ "SILVER OAK". U ROCK!We set out the journey with hopes that we have a lovely weekend... but, it was completely "beyond our EXPECTATIONS!". We relished over the awesome food, n deserts, we relived every moment of stay over here. The beauty of Coorg,all seen n felt @ this lovely place... The greatest hospitality we ever received!Lives would have been incomplete if it weren't for the visit to "THE SILVER OAK".I had the best days of my life over here, will treasure forever!!

Lots of Love, Shama Ponnappan, Bangalore

No words to describe the hospitality that we received at Silver Oaks Home stay. Its one of the best Home stays i have ever stayted, relished the best coorgi food and really enjoyed the trekking and camp fire, would love to visit the place again with a life partner. Just kidding !.Thanks a lot for the hospitality again to bhaiya and bhabhi. Will remember you guys for the rest of the life.

G. Anil Raj Kumar, IBM, Bangalore

Life is full of moments, happy -sad-neutral. Some incidents are rememberable, frankly brain doese'nt have capacity to hold every moment we live. The time we spent in "The Silver Oak" is certainly something which i will cherish for ever. This one of a kind experience which i will share even with my grand children ( :-) Off course if i live that long). When got the first glimpse of the Home stay in the early morning, thought 'its different'. Next 48 hours completely blown away all the possibility of comparison. Simply "Silver Oaks" is not comparable. Starting from the aesthetic beauty of the cottages, the strim lines of "Silver Oaks", the view of the lake, the lightings, the bamboo mattress, the comfort; the kind of hospitality received from this place is AMAZING. Oh wait! Haven't said about the food yet: Tasted all the traditional coorgi dishes, the chicken, FISH... Bhabhi, you are one amazing cook. We are in love with this place and 350+ odd pictures are not enough for us to capture the amount of fun we had in this place. We will come back!!! Again & again. Thank you would be an under statement. We are previlidged to be here. Thanks a lot, Bhaiya and Bhabhi. Long Live "The SilverOaks"

Tara Gopal Chattopadhyay, IBM

The Long Lasting Memory

If I just write a couple of words, it would be injustice for what was so generously bestowed on us. Firstly I would like to thank Rinku and Sudesh for such a wonderful Home stay. While leaving Bangalore, I felt I am visiting yet another Home stay where all you do is catch sleep and if you have mood then “Gone with the wind” for some Jungle. Just what we have received in “SILVER OAKS” was entirely en-expected. Not every day we find a couple who so keen on making the visitors so comfortable. Many times, Sudesh himself would stay up till early in the morning to see that we are well fed and well taken care. He specially took great care for making our holidays spent well. Things which are arranged for us was way beyond expected. I am so impressed that my next trip to "SilverOaks" is already under-way. I wish Rinku and Sudesh all the very best. "ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FRIENDLY SMILES INTACT AND IT MAKES US SMILE IN JOY"

Mohan S.R , Cypress Semiconductor Technologies, Bangalore

I don't have words to say, we are very very very satisfied, Look at our smile on our face, you will find how happy we are. You have a great vision of look into life. Hats off to Silver Oaks. "You Rock".

Ajith Bangalore

I am glad that i did not miss the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful experience and came to this havenly place "The Silver Oaks". e Special Thanks to Bhaiya and Bhabhi for making this experience all the more beautiful. I'm going to cherish this for the lifetime.

Love Ekant Kaul, Bangalore

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